🎉Creating an alert

Step 1 - Pick your Keywords

Alertcaster helps you follow topics and discover conversations you might otherwise miss on Farcaster. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • your product or company name

  • your competitor's product or company name

  • keywords people use when they're looking for solutions like yours

  • solution or technology categories (e.g. identity, wallet, web3)

  • time oriented events (e.g. 'free mint', ETHDenver, launch)

Step 2 - Test your Keywords

Go to the Preview page and test your keywords. The results show you recent casts that would have matched an alert for the same keywords. If you see a large number of matches all less than a day old, you may want to consider using a daily digest or webhook for these keywords. If you see only a few matches per day, these keywords are a good candidate for an as-it-happens email alert. If you see no matches, this topic has not yet been discussed on Farcaster.

NOTE: Alertcaster does tight matching and considers names and URLs to be different things. A search for Apple will not match apple.com and a search for Alertcaster will not match alertcaster.xyz. If you want to match both, you need two alerts.

Step 3 - Create an Alert

Click 'Create Alert' from the home page and enter the keywords you tested in Step 2. Note that the keywords entered in this box are treated like one search phrase for matches. The reason for this is to reduce false positives. An advanced search operator syntax similar to Twitter's is on the roadmap, but not available yet.

If you want this alert to be delivered as it happens instead of by daily digest, you can switch the deliver frequency in the drop down list.

Step 4 - Save your Alert

Click 'OK' to save your alert. Your new alert will be at the top of the list on the home page. For details on how to set up a webhook, visit the Webhooks section.

Step 5 - Edit or Delete your Alert

To edit your alert, click the pencil button. The edit experience is exactly like the add alert experience. to delete your alert, click the trash icon.

If you want to see recent matches for your alert, click on the alert keywords and you will be taken to a Preview page showing recent matches for the alert. To get back to the home page, click Alertcaster in the top left corner.

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